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Giovanni Pietrantonio, Eng., MBA

Giovanni Pietrantonio, principal consultant and managing director of EquoVis International, is a mechanical engineer by academic training. His Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) credentials were developed over the course of his 10-year professional career at Canadian National Railway Company. The various managerial roles fulfilled between 1989 and 1998 spanned all economic and technical facets of Asset Lifecycle Management of the Class-I railroad’s extensive intermodal, locomotive, railcar, and automotive utility fleets.

This experience was supplemented by post-graduate studies in Business Administration and subsequently leveraged to found EquoVis International in September 1998. He has been directly involved in all EVI consulting engagements, an outline of which is provided in the Mandates section.


Canadian National Railway Company

1997.08 - 1998.08

Manager, Corporate Development
Corporate Development & Special Projects [Finance]

  • Strategic Planning — research, analysis, mergers & acquisitions planning, policy development
  • Competitive Intelligence — research and monitoring of transportation logistics sector activity
  • Economic & Financial Analysis — trend research & examination, financial modeling, valuation

1993.06 - 1997.07

System Manager, Automotive Engineering
Automotive Services/Fleet Management [Operations]

  • Equipment Lifecycle Management — replacement planning and economic justification; supply coordination; quality control; expense management (Asset Base Replacement Valuation: $C 270 M)
  • Vehicle Specification Development — application engineering and equipment design
  • Technical Services & Field Support — investigation of equipment related issues, assessment of performance and economic impacts, direction and oversight of corrective measures
  • Activity-Based Costing Analysis & Process Review — research, allocation, and analysis of fleet operating and overhead expenses

1991.10 - 1993.05

Mechanical Engineer, Motive Power
Mechanical - Motive Power & Car Equipment [Operations]

  • Turbocharger Program Review — maintenance regulation revision; in-house rebuild program implementation
  • Process Auditing — analysis of power assembly and fuel injector overhaul procedures
  • Value Chain Management — coordination of manufacture, supplier, and distributor activities

1989.01 - 1991.09

Project Officer, Intermodal Planning
Intermodal Services [Marketing]

  • Capacity Planning — railcar, trailer, container, chassis fleet capacity assessment and modeling
  • Equipment Development — research and formulation of performance specifications
  • Terminal Operations Review — time measurement studies; asset utilization planning and tracking of key process indicators


1997 Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
1995 Project Management (Continuing Education)
1988 Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical (B.Eng.)

McGill University, Montreal (Canada)




English, French, Italian (fluently written and spoken)
Spanish, German (basic comprehension)


Professional Affiliations


l'Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (O.I.Q.)
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

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